How to harness the neuroscience of induced learning, parlay small daily wins into unstoppable momentum, and build a foundation for pervasive gratitude

So you decided to make feeling a bit better a priority. Congrats on that. 

Let’s build on that with what we call a futureproof or a bit of imaginary time-traveling.

In your mind’s eye, imagine yourself in the future from two years from now, looking back about how life had unfolded.

Of course lots of things changed, emerged, or dissolved. So, there you are, two years into the future, looking back.

Now imagine recalling that moment in the past, when you read about Gratitude Games for the first time.

Recall feeling awed and amazed about how well most things turned out. 

Sure you had a few sudden surprises and momentary disappointments. And lots of craziness in the world happening.

However, in most things, it worked out better than you had imagined.

Okay, now recall the particular point in time, as you recall it now, when it all just broke your way, when you noticed that first meaningful shift … again, all this from two years from now, looking back.

Recall that moment when you felt the deep reverberation within, saying to yourself, “I will feel a bit better every day. I’ll make the effort. I’ll just learn how.”

Also recall that you also made this your final decision about it, making this promise, “I now give up resisting this. I am all in. No more dithering, it’s done.”

Just deciding to

There you did it. You made the decision about making any other decisions, but to move ahead and make Gratitude a permanent fixture of your life.

That’s what linguists call a meta-decision, a decision about your initial decision.

So philosophers call this am existential stand. Others call this a life commitment.

Whatever you call it, all of life changes when we make a decision irrevocable, when we take a stand, when you become a commitment.

And so your journey of discovery and transformation started there, looking back from two years into the future … with two simple decisions, to become conscious, deliberate and proactive in feeling a bit better every day, and to commit in making this decision final.

Welcome the Gratitude Games, a whole new way
to live life, feeling just a bit better every day.