We set and now live the audacious goal of reaching one billion people who use one or more Gratitude apps or ePubs on a regular basis.

Why so many?

We want something so big, so unimaginable that it breaks up all conceptual models of how and requires that we think in ways that we cannot even imagine now.

We want something that can ONLY happen if we just give up thinking about how, instead taking one or two inspired step each day.

We want something that compels us to meditate each day, downloading one or two inspired blocks of thought for you to accomplish that day.

Our planning window? 

We want the path unfold as you walk it?

One day at a time against the backdrop of one step closer to a billion users.

Is that nuts or what? 

Yep, we are another cadre of the Crazy Ones who ask, Why not?

Our Secret 

Most people have not yet realized that we live in a world that changes so fast and without advanced notice that our ways of making sense of the world no longer work as they did before (or previously).

We live in a world of wicked complexity, akin to structured Chaos.

So how do we navigate our rapidly changing world of wicked complexity?

We don’t navigate it in the traditional sense of making goal, planning it all out, and working that plan.

We flip that notion upside down. We might even call it the art of Enabling the Inevitable.

Say whaaaat?

We’ve kicked the planning and orchestration job “upstairs” to our Greater Imagination or whatever higher intelligence that guide us.

And for those with a bit more agnostic worldview, we offer you a working theory with a set of confirmed hypotheses, about how to harness the Cognitive Unconscious (older parts of our brains).

We can learn how to harness your Cognitive Unconscious by shifting into a more heartfelt impulse mode and moving away from an intellectual or brute-force mode.

Our job, day in and day out, then becomes to suss out, intuit or download (from some form of meditation or prayer), the one or two jobs to get done today.

Yes, we have Gratitude Protocols for accomplishing that.

And yes, when we shifted to this more intuitive and heartful mode, it scared the bejeezus out of us. 

Until we got used to it, until it became our New Normal. And that’s the real job: making a needed shift a New Normal.

Today, we love it and would find going back to the old “make a master plan and grind it out” dumb, boring and ineffective.