We created Gratitude Games from an audacious belief.

“Today already happened. It turned out better than we imagined. We just showed up. And life moved through our bodies.”

We believe that Gratitude flows, as water from an artesian well, from a set of embodied beliefs or reflexive actions, expressed in this equation:

Most of us have a general idea of the Acceptance, Flow and Enthusiasm. Elsewhere we will explain how this equation works.

However, we offer the following short definition of Context of Self

Context of Self

Context of Self represent the always present … the always already … the never not there … medium of all awareness … I AM.

However, Context of Self is akin to water to fish, that might ask, “Water? What’s that?”

The Context of Self demonstrates in our level of desire, willingness, and capacity to experience Gratitude, to receive the Beauty of our world and the Presence of others as a Gift from the Universe.

In our Gratitude Equation, the Context of Self acts as a type of inverse multiplier: if you make your persona-ego more prominent or central to your Identity (such as a defensive “me” or a belligerent and indigent “I” or even a competitive and exclusionary “We”, then you experience much lower levels of Acceptance, Flow, and Enthusiasm).

If however you make “Us” or the “Many in One” (such as “I am the Light, the Light I AM”) to your Context of Self, your core Identity, then you multiply the depth and pervasiveness of Acceptance, Flow, and Enthusiasm.

We offer a brief introduction to how Context of Self works.

In each moment of Now, we imprint our experience with an Identity, answering four virtual questions: 

     1/  What role am I being right now? 

     2/  What’s my relationship with the world? 

     3/  What beliefs bring this about? 

     4?  Who am I?

If you operate from I am an individual with a unique psychological history, then you will in all probability strive to achieve Radical Acceptance. 

You will struggle to sustain a sense of Flow, instead finding yourself buffeted by all manner of unpleasant or annoying body sensations. 

You will also find yourself forcing a shallow and inauthentic sense of Enthusiasm.

Upon deeper introspection you will find, as we did, the root cause of resistance lies in our Context of Self.

If you operate from I am the Witness to the content of what this person with a psychological history experiences … expressed perhaps as I have the feeling of sadness as opposed the self-identified I am sad … then you find Gratitude within reach. 

Practices of Mindfulness, mediation, yoga and, even, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and disciplined Speaking / Being all support accessing Gratitude and causing it to persist.

If you operate from the Witnessing of all that occurs with no self-identification as the Witness, sense-feeling within and throughout the body as a flow of Awareness, including what’s happening in the external world, then you will generate Gratitude as easily as your breath.

Confirmed or Disconfirmed?

Okay, read that statement of belief again, only saying it aloud as whole-body intention.  

“Today already happened. It turned out better than I imagined. I just showed up. And life moved through my body.”

Say what? Whole-body what?

Say these four statements as an actor delivering a performance on a stage to an adoring and rapt audience.

Proclaim each statement with the intention to transmit to that audience how your character in the play experiences the moment, the scene, and the world beyond.

More than just hitting your marks and delivering your lines, embody this performance. 

Use you whole body and full range of emotion to transmit this worldview to all who can hear or sense it and beyond. 

So, again say it out loud a third, fourth or fifth time, each time sense-feeling what resonates within you.

“Today already happened. It turned out better than I imagined. I just showed up. And life moved through my body.”

So what do you feel or sense right now? 

Gratitude or enthused? Welcome home.

Amused or curious? Please accept your standing invitation to learn more.

Nothing or no real change? Get the Startup Kit and play around with a protocol or two. Still nothing? Okay, thank you for checking it out.

Annoyed or dismissive? Well, see on the flipside. Come back when you hit rock bottom. We will still be here.

Communities of Peer Practice

The community of practitioners that make up Gratitude Games assists individuals, teams, and organizations in better harnessing one’s genius gifts and super powers.

We provide do-it-yourself protocols that just about anyone can use within minutes, all free for now.

We host a variety of in-person and online events to energize daily Gratitude practices, again free for now.

We deliver programs to businesses of all sizes, charging comparable market rates.

We train individuals in how to lead meetups and corporate programs, charging a membership subscription and certification fees for delivering our programs.

In the future, we will publish a series of apps and interactive pubs in dozens of languages and broadcast a global television series.