I/ Getting Started with Gratitude

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How to harness the neuroscience of induced learning, parlay small daily wins into unstoppable momentum, and build a foundation for pervasive gratitude So you decided

II/ Gratitude in the workplace?

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It will not surprise you that Gratitude in the Workplace can start with one person: pacesetters,  bellwethers, or journeypersons. Let’s take a look at each

III/ Daily Scorecards

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How the simple act of rating your best efforts each day can induce positive systemic change, tap hidden energy, and start each morning with additional

IV/ Placemat Intentions

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How simple 2-minute inscriptions or say-it-out-loud recollections trigger your Cognitive Unconscious for “deep work”, a state of flow and invincible enthusiasm.  I’d rather do nothing

V/ Evening Journal of Gratitudes

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Neat synthesis of the best evening journaling protocols, neuro-engineered for maximum positive effects, and now in a nothing-to-it-but-to-do-it format. Millions of people write evening journals.