1.1/ Corporate Gameboards

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Corporations are and will remain the dominant mechanism for organizing our society.  Corporations have the tallest buildings in most cities around the world, control most

1.3/ Learning Second Languages

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In part my growing appreciation for language learning came from an ill-fated startup, one that I helped screw up. Our startup intended to assist adult

1.4/ Coaching Entrepreneurs

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I’ve worked as a mentor, advisor, and coach to more than 25 seedling startups, six or so small businesses and four corporate incubators. I bring

2/ Gratitude Protocols in startups

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WHAT ARE EXAMPLES OF ACTUAL GRATITUDE PROTOCOLS USED IN A WORKPLACE? Let’s talk about weekly management meetings, position agreements, strengths-based management, weekly check-in meetings, and

2.2/ Position Agreements

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I based my version of Position Agreements on the book E-Myth Mastery by Michael Gerber. I modernized Gerber's concept of a position agreement to reflect

2.4 Strengths-based Management

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In my work with small business owners and startup founders, I have them institute the protocol where managers have one-on-one check-in meetings each employee. Again,

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