We spend most of our waking hours “at work”.

Whether someone paid us or not, most of us remain at work 12 to 18 hours a day.

For most of us, our work and personal lives have merged in a blurred sense of just one more darn thing after another.

Personal practices of Evening Journal of Gratitude and Daily Plans help you recapture a bit of Freedom and Peace from the daily blur.

Gratitude for Workplace enables you to expand your abiding sense of Peace, Freedom, and Security.

That’s why we offer a set of tools and protocols for bringing Gratitude into the workplace.

These Gratitude tools and protocols boost your productivity, resilience, and creativity of individuals, teams, customers, and the organization.

For startup CEOs and executives, who must have things done by others and get things done by themselves, Gratitude is a super power.

Executives use Gratitude as the Lead Indicator for organizational alignment and a way for inducing creativity and momentum within and without the organization.

Functional executives, HR and managers levelup their performance management systems, using Gratitude Protocols to transform meetings, weekly one-on-one meetings with managers, and de-risking needed improvements in a core business activity.

Marketing, sales, and customer success executives use Gratitude Protocols to transform their value propositions, messaging, sales actions, and customer service into seamless “moments of gratitude”.

Team leaders create and sustain high-performing teams where individual members experience an abiding sense of emotional safety, mutual recognition of contribution, meaningful work and learning something important and useful.

Individual contributors use Workplace Gratitude protocols and tools to transform in their work and ways of making meaningful contributions, earning reputations as a strong performers or gamechangers, and putting their Greater Imaginations to work in solving tough, high potential-value problems.