Many of us have heard about various frameworks or techniques for creating or manifesting our dreams. 

We offer a creative mashup of several approaches (elsewhere we will explain all the influences and contributions LEARN MORE), calling attention to how Gratitude can speed the manifestations of your dreams. 

In particular, at Gratitude Games we enable the inevitable through the creation of embodied habits, starting today with Envisionment, Enthusiasm, and Embodiment.

Keeping it Real(ish)

Envisionment represents the mental or intellectual work of creating and refining vivid metaphors and real-world constructs of how YOUR future works. 

Here are a few techniques for keeping it real(ish):

  • Artist’s Way and daily morning pages
  • Vision boards and scrapbook collages, including Pinterest
  • Making lists of criteria that the new way satisfies
  • Reading inspirational fiction books and short stories about what could be
  • Sketchbook doodles and concepts of the future and your place in it

Enthusiasm emphasizes the emotional work of manifesting an intention or dream. Techniques include:

  • Kylego
  • Listening to inspired music 39 Songs
  • Futureproofing
  • Appreciations A to Z
  • Sense-feeling the emotions of others who benefit from your vision

Embodiment brings it home, patterning into your brain and nervous system the inevitability of your desires fulfilled.

  • Morning beditation: Today already happened. It turned out better…
  • Strollitations and Walking the baby
  • Learning to teach Gratitude protocols
  • Leading Gratitude Circles