1. Slight alterations at higher levels of Change often cascade in stupendous changes at lower levels. 
  2. Successful resolution of complex problems often require making a precise or surgical change at one level higher than the level at which the problem exists.
  3. Attempts to effect a positive change on the same level produce “more of the same” and often makes a problematic condition worse.
  4. The conscious, deliberate embodiment of Gratitude effects positive change at the highest level, cascading myriad benefits throughout all lower levels.


Ground of being: Truth, Energy/Alignment, Love


Context of being: Me-I-we-us-many in one


Cause-effects: IF this, THEN that, MEANS this


Narrative meanings: Groupings, intent, motives


Impressions: Thoughts, feelings, sensations

Level V Mastery

Something profound occurred at this point in the journey: a fusion of your Identity, your Work, and your Workshop into a seamless and almost sacred whole. More than just a master of a craft, you life becomes a Living Masterwork and every moment and interaction becomes raw material that you master … that you transform into a devotion, base metal lead that you transmute into gold.

It came time to create your own circle of light, drawing upon all that you had learned over the years. It came time to channel your super powers for the benefit of your community or humanity. It meant mastering first principles.

First Principles of Life Masters

Abide that Life already happened. It turned out better than you imagined. And, Life will continue turning out better than you imagined. Just show up, feeling Life as it occurs without resistance or persistent complaint.

Focus on the slowest learning part of your Greater Self: your body.  Pay attention to what moves through your body and where it seems to slow down. Learn how to release tension and kickstart the flow. Hint: Love it.

Remember that the Greater Self works at speeds faster than light, in the realm of all time as a single idea. It can span galaxies in a twinkling of an eye. Your Greater Self has already achieved enlightenment. It overflows with Grace. 

Your body brings up the rear of your epic trek Home. So have a conscious and thoughtful relationship with your Body as though it were the four-year-old version of yourself. Be kind, supportive and consistent with this four-year-old, your body.

Be the enlightened parent who you wished you had. When your four-year-old-as-your-body hurts, feel its pain. As the loving parent, hear what your body / four-year-old says, knowing that whatever’s going one will also pass. 

You turned out.  As an Integrated Self, you’re along for the ride with all the chills and thrills as though you were experiencing it for the first time.

You grew into a magnificent human being … who made Gratitude a gift for all those around you and all those who will surf your wake.