2.6/ Feature Friday’s

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I first learned about Feature Friday’s from the CTO of Meetup.com. In a presentation on using the principles of the Lean Startup, he explains how

3/ Game of Strengths

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HOW DOES STRENGTHS-BASED MANAGEMENT RETAIN THE BEST EMPLOYEES? Well, strengths-based management is a small part of a larger system of performance management that includes role-specific

4/ Gratitude and HR

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HOW DOES GRATITUDE WORK FOR HR FOLKS? You know I discussed that with a lot of people, startup CEOs, business advisors, HR executives, and other

5/ Start Here

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OKAY, HOW CAN WE START? I suggest that you start in the middle of it all, you know, wherever you go, there you are. So

6/ Conclusion

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ANY LAST THOUGHTS ABOUT BRINGING GRATITUDE INTO THE WORKPLACE? I’d like to conclude with a new take on an old French saying about the more

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